Spatial Design : Petra Pferdmenges, Nicolas Remy, Thomas Laureyssens

*22/10 Session #3 – Spatial Design

10.00 – 12.30 Seminar followed by: psfa-bxl: transversal discussion
Design of public space along L28
Use of presets – spatial planning and design of the sonic environment L28
Conditions for a participative tuning

13.30- 17.00 : Field Session
Determining strategies for a sonic experience in the open space of L28

Guests: Petra Pferdmenges (Alive Architecture), Nicolas Remy (CRESSON), Thomas Laureyssens (MAD)

Nicolas Remy : Esquis’sons! from Q-O2 on Vimeo.

Thomas Laureyssens : Urban Intervention Design – On Platforms and Shepherds from Q-O2 on Vimeo.

Petra Pferdmenges : Founding Alive Architecture from Q-O2 on Vimeo.

Photo Slide Show on Flickr :


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